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Chat GPT

ChatGPT is the latest and the most disruptive AI Chatbot from the generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) family, developed by Open AI. The chatbot has been developed on the language-based model that the developers have fine-tuned to enable it to interact with humans in a conversational manner.

It is a pre-trained chatbot, which makes use of (NLP) Natural Language Processing. It is trained with data from various sources like books, internet, and various other data repositories, which are used to model its own language for responding to queries.

ChatGPT gathers information or data from the internet and uses prediction algorithms to answer queries raised by the user. This Chatbot provides responses based on the textual inputs provided by the user and it is also programmed to ‘learn’ more about the subjects and how to respond to queries on them.

The key feature of ChatGPT is its ability to generate responses which are human understandable and as per their queries in their desired format. Therefore, it can answer in natural language in a conversational manner and can produce even poems and stories. Moreover, it can also write code, write an article, or blog post, translate texts, create CV, suggest chords and lyrics and perform various other activities.

To use ChatGPT, all you must do is to go to chat.openai.com, log in, accept the terms, and start typing the requirements in conversational language. You would be surprised to see the output.

Beganto, being a pioneer solution provider, has integrated ChatGPT with many applications to provide better services to its clients keeping pace with the latest technology.

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