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Can engineers find what they need on your website?

Parametric Search Engine allows engineers to search the electronic components on your website in a more effective way. Beganto’s Parametric Search Engine uses state-of-the-art technology to keep the pace with the fast-growing industry.

Parametric Search Engine reduces the search time, providing viewer the best-fit solution. Beganto enables visitors to search for product information in the following ways:

  • Part number/keyword search: Search based on parameters like part or a keyword or part number.
  • Category Search: Search based on the category and sub categories.
  • Specification Search: Specify a parameter, such as electrical parameters, temperature, physical dimension, packaging, material and find all parts that fill that requirement.
  • Cross-Reference: Entering a competitor’s part number, listing all viable substitutes that your company provides.

Parametric Search Engine also comes with add-on online store functionality, so that visitors can take the next step after finding the electronic component they need. In addition to a profile and PDF link, each search result gives the visitor the option of ordering a sample or adding items to a shopping cart for making a small-quantity purchase. In addition to this, Beganto’s Parametric Search Engine is very flexible and can be exclusively customized as per the requirement.

Our Parametric Search Engine is a key solution which can be easily integrated with your website. This allows you to have the capability to provide most of the information on the website itself and route the customer further to purchase the parts.

Beganto addresses all infrastructure related overheads (i.e. Setting up a database system, reprogramming current web pages, additional staff for maintenance, etc.). The Parametric Search Engine option will be visible to the visitors on your website, although the technology and database server can be hosted by Beganto. To accentuate the assurance, we provide a dedicated resource to make sure that data is updated, and search options are working properly.

Internet traffic is fast-paced and demanding. When users cannot find the information they need, they move on quickly to the next source. Parametric Search Engine allows your website visitors to find and act on information quickly.

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