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Automated Sampling Management and Monitoring

Beganto provides the Electronic engineering community an easier way to explore electronic components/parts for the projects. Ordering electronic component samples from the respective manufacturers has become much easier with “Need-a-Sample” solution. It is an online tool for Component manufacturers to manage and track the sampling activities.

“Need-a-Sample” tool helps business in the following ways:

  • Automation: Hi-tech process keeps you up-to-date with the competitive market
  • Value for money: Get feedbacks on long tail opportunities
  • Save time: Save time by automated follow up with customers
  • Save energy: Track all your sample orders online on a single platform
  • Powerful reporting : Get you the most relevant data to analyze market trendsnas_logo1
  • 3PL integration : Participation of the Third party logistics partners

Beganto’s “Need-a-Sample” tool is the perfect blend of innovative technology and business-specific solution to speed-up over all sampling process. The two value-added services, namely request for Quote (RFQ) and request for Information (RFI) expedite the core business processes.

The “Need-a-Sample” subscription empower component manufacturers via providing complete control over the sampling process.

Get the relevant information that drives each sample request. Learn about your end customers and identify business requirements. Ensure that no opportunity gets forgotten or ignored.

The “Need-a-Sample” allow component manufacturers to track every opportunity in a better way. The effective communication between the sales channels and the end users enables you to trap the business potential. The component manufacturers will be able to see the results of their efforts by utilizing built-in reporting tools, which will allow them to measure their level and success.

“Need-a-Sample” service is free to engineers, buyers, distributors, and representatives. The business model is supported by fees from component manufacturers who become Sponsoring Suppliers as they may wish to increase design wins and track their global sales.

To learn more on “Need-A-Sample” contact: +1-510-280-0554 or sales(at)

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