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Being part of the electronics industry, Beganto understands and recognizes the requirements of the distributors. We provide a “Distributor Stock Check” solution that allows design engineers and product developers to locate available-to-sell inventory for the respectively authorized distributors.

The “Distributor Stock Check” solution automates sales channel effectively, increasing the sales significantly. Our system is simple, flexible, and can be tailored to satisfy routine requirements.

To accentuate the assurance, we provide a dedicated resource and support assuring updated inventories are uploaded on time. We also encourage all associated electronic component manufacturers to upload respective distributors’ latest inventories using our Distributor Stock Check upload system.

Our Distributor Stock Check is a turn key solution which can be easily integrated with the websites of Electronic part makers and distributors. This allows them to have the capability to provide most of the information available on the website itself. This routes the customer further to purchase the parts with ease.

Beganto addresses all issues related to the new set up (for example: setting up database system, reprogramming current web pages, and additional staff for maintenance etc.). The visitors can access stock check option on the website, though the technology infrastructure can be hosted by Beganto.

Further, you will be shielded with the administrative level permissions. The “Distributor Stock check” program allows you to manage distributors and inventories using your administrative privileges. This also permits you to update your inventory information, as and when required. We also provide FREE offsite customer support.

How it works:

Data is provided on a regular basis via information feeds from each electronic component distributor.  Latest inventory gets uploaded to the system through admin. Users can access related information like price, quantity, and place orders in a single click that takes them to the shopping cart or tracking software of the distributor.

You Get:

  • Increasing sales from the authorized distributors, permitting users to efficiently complete the purchase, leading to the customer satisfaction.
  • Reducing cost of sales via processing more orders through the Internet reducing the overhead costs of the infrastructure and its maintenance.
  • Building a loyal customer base by providing them the required information on time.

Customer Examples:

Contact us today to learn more about the Electronic Components Distributor Stock Check at +1-510-280-0554 or beganto_email

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