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Beganto provides customized products for engineers, buyers, representatives, distributors and suppliers. These products help all the players in the electronics industry with the solutions they need in the sampling activity right from ordering part samples to the stage of design-ins.

Beganto provides a collaborative online network for engineers, representatives, distributors and suppliers. You manage new business opportunities and sample requests better, leading to more design wins and more accurate tracking. We strive to provide tools that will aid in the early stages of design-making your design process faster and easier. Our tools give manufacturers the ability to track how their sales channels are performing. We provide representatives and distributors with solutions to two of their biggest problems, getting more sales leads and managing the leads once they have come in.


Establishes the connection between the engineer and his component source. The application is accessible at, or through buttons on the manufacturer’s, distributor’s, or rep’s web site. The program also helps all concerned monitor and manage the progress of sample requests… read more…

Distributor Stock Check™

Distributor Stock Check allows component manufacturers to publish real time inventory and pricing data on their Web sites. Visitors can search by part number, and see how many parts are on hand, their current price, and the authorized distributors, whom the Sponsoring Supplier has included in the program… read more…

Parametric Search™

Parametric Search permits search by part number, or by a keyword that drills down to a part number, and/or specifications, as well as by cross-reference from a competitive product; connects seamlessly to sample request or shopping cart… read more…

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