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Because we believe that good responsive design enhances scalability and business response. And as a custom integrated solution provider, we always design the right solution for the right business providing customized collaborative business solutions for the engineers, buyers, representatives, distributors, and suppliers.

Our solutions enable all players of the electronic industry at every stage of the product design and development.  This enables customers to effectively trap business opportunities with the following potential business outcomes:

  • Enhanced the global accessibility
  • Enhanced design and information monitoring
  • Boosting search engine rankings
  • Better mobile traffic engagement
  • Able to gather more phone calls
  • Enhanced conversion rates
  • Increased site speed

Our one size fits all mobile responsive design methodology for custom solutions are robust, intuitive, and scalable.


Establishes the connection between the engineers and respective component sources [Refer:, or through the user’s web site]. read more…

Distributor Stock Check™

The “Distributor Stock Check” allows component manufacturers to publish real-time inventory and pricing data on their websites. Visitors inquiry can be searched and filtered on various parameters, like part number, price, authorized distributors etc.… read more…

Parametric Search™

Parametric Search permits search can be filtered on various parameters, like, part number, a keyword, or other specifications.… read more…

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