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The customer is a software and services provider to the manufacturing industry and has an in depth knowledge of the manufacturing processes. They combine a suite of manufacturing Best Practices, enterprise-wide Software Tools, and Professional Services to ensure that the investment yields measurable returns.


The client had come up with his idea and had worked hard on it to develop the whole concept, but had no idea how to go about converting it into a full-fledged software system. So the first challenge was to conceptualize the software requirements and flow.

Other challenges included:

  • The client wanted the product to be beta released within four months.
  • They had a limited budget, prevailing slow-down in the economy.
  • They wanted the product to be highly customizable and scalable.
  • They wanted the product to be usable in all countries and languages of the world.
  • The product was to be made such that it could be implemented at all levels, locations, plants, departments of a manufacturing organization.


Our team worked closely with the client to understand the concept and collect the requirements. The detailed Software Requirements Specifications were brainstormed and drafted, along with a roadmap of the overall project.

  • The objectives & key milestones were formulated so that the client can have a clear idea what should he expect and by when.
  • A coordination mechanism was put in place as to make sure that there are regular review meetings with the client and that any changes or issues can be discussed appropriately.
  • The system evolves through small releases and iterations.
  • Goal of each iteration is to add new features to the system.
  • Customer chooses most important features of what remains.
  • Programmers choose their tasks and estimate a time frame.
  • Tests and Features are added to the system.
  • At the end of each iteration System must pass all the tests.
  • Release the build with new features.


The Web enabled application, integrated with best practices, has the following high level features:

  • Broad applicability to batch, continuous, and combination processes
  • Efficient, sustainable data capture
  • Consistent and robust methodologies and metrics
  • Customizable taxometry and terminology
  • Powerful reporting, enabling validation, improvement processes, management confidence
  • Database to efficiently capture details of losses and provide meaningful reporting
  • Loss categories that relate to plant systems and underlying work processes
  • Production managers make Asset Utilization a centerpiece of their improvement efforts


  • The solution was developed and implemented in a simple yet sophisticated manner.
  • The client testified our endeavor to provide him much more than he himself expected.
  • From the concept to a full-fledged saleable product, an uphill task looks achieved without much difficulty.
  • Our technical know-how and our level of attention to the details was unmatched, as put by the client.
  • The go-to-market time was reduced substantially, which obviously meant greater benefits for the client.
  • The product found ready acceptance in the industry as it has now been implemented at good number of manufacturing units, enabling them to structure a proven process for institutionalizing best practices, driving performance improvements, fostering accountability, and establishing visibility through data capture, reporting and metrics.

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