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Alps Electric USA Inc

Web Applications:  MRO Portal ( for the MRO and sales managers.


Client overview:

Alps Electric USA Inc is a world leader in fine electronic devices.  This group is part of the 100 Million dollar ALPS group. The focus of Alp USA is in automotive, industrial, communications and consumer electronic components.

Headquarter of Alps electric is located in Tokyo with the Silicon Valley office being the headquarters for Alps USA. The design and R&D offices are located in Japan. The manufacturing units are located worldwide.



  • Provide  timely and relevant information 24/7 related revenue, commission and product to the MROs over the web
  • Increase MRO productivity by getting them to focus on operation and spend less time gathering data
  • Provide graphical view of the information
  • Improve communication between ALPS and MROs
  • Decrease customer service representative’s workload
  • Secure MRO portal – database authentication
  • Minimize support requirements and dependence on Customer Service and Sales.

The Solution:

  • Designing and building a web based MRO Portal for providing direct 24/7 access to MROs in US.
  • Portal will reflect the latest and current information to aid in better decision making and reporting.
  • MRO portal provides various financial reports and commission data for MROs.
  • Data security to be enforced whereby MRO and sales mangers can look only at information related and relevant to them.
  • Provide an easy to use web interface.


  • Automation of whole process of MRO commission management.
  • Easy information sharing among MRO and sales managers
  • Complete removal of any possible manual error.
  • Effective reporting tool makes sales data analysis easy.

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