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In 2008, a leading manufacturer of frequency control solutions recognized that their online presence did not match with their innovative and world-class line of products. Main aim was to increase their visibility. The objectives of the campaign were to increase exposure for 1st tier generic destination based keywords on the 1st page of and major search engines including Google. And subsequently, increase the overall traffic to the website, which is relevant and rewarding.  Under this scenario, they turned to us for help.  Upon analyzing, we found that most of their Tier-1 keywords did not appear even in top 100 Google search results. Their traffic also was not good enough, to match their market reputation.


  • The existing site had a lot of content but mostly un-optimized with no emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • The complete absence of meaningful and optimized Meta Tags
  • There was no structure (SEO) and keyword utilization in the existing Title and Description of the pages
  • The existing content had no focus towards an optimum keyword density or keyword prominence
  • Many times the most important content was languishing at not-important portions
  • Usability and Navigation of the site had also nothing for the visitors – In majority of the cases, it took more 5 to 6 clicks to reach a particular page
  • The link building effort had been executed with little planning – No search engine focus
  • The use of more than keywords on a page (including the Home page) was confusing for the search engines
  • The social networking and presence, content and article marketing and user participation were almost negligible


  • We planned an innovative organic SEO campaign. Our approach was to do all the right things to get the right results.
  • Restructure the tags including the meta and Image tags
  • Validate the Html code – As it guarantees cross browser compatibility.
  • Reduce clutter on the pages
  • Identify and eliminate duplicate content
  • Associate the right keywords with each page
  • Utilize the proper keyword density on each page and strictly adhere to keyword prominence
  • Increase the Content to Code ratio
  • Use the Heading Tags (H1…H6) consistently on all pages
  • Implement a systematic & balanced link building strategy – including deep links & internal linking
  • Utilize all the channels of social networking and content marketing
  • Avoid over-optimization of any page


This SEO assignment was divided into 2 phases of activities.

Phase 1 Activities: These activities were mostly a one-time activity and were undertaken to create the ground work for a long term SEO work.

  • Website analysis for usability, design, and code to content ratio
  • Keyword research
  • Meta tags optimization: Title Tag, Description, Meta Keywords, Alt Image tags, Robot tags…
  • Content Optimization
  • Site map and robot/spider files creation and utilization

Phase 2 Activities: In this phase, most of the activities were of recurring nature as they are based on week by monitoring and evaluation.

  • Directory submission
  • Articles and news submission
  • Book-marking in top social book-marking sites
  • Link building
  • A relevant Blog was created and kept current
  • Forum postings


We not only succeeded in giving the manufacturer’s website a wide-spread visibility across the Web, but what be delivered was appreciated and testified by the client.

  • All the 14 primary (tier 1) keywords which earlier ranked nowhere in search results, now rank in top 10 (first page results) of all the major search engines including Google


  • Similarly, most of the tier-2 and additional keywords have been brought into the rankings.
  • The traffic to the website has doubled since the beginning of the assignment and still increasing

Leading manufacturer of Frequency Control Solutions achieves top ten rankings, thanks to our SEO campaign!

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