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Ewing Components, Inc.

Customer: Ewing Components, Inc. (


Ewing Components, Inc.’s components division is an authorized distributor of a wide range of board level electronic components. Through their global resources they offer a unique sourcing service. With over a 2,000 strong worldwide vendor base they have the ability to locate the most difficult, obsolete and allocated parts.

Ewing Components wanted to increase their online traffic and had a limited number of articles. SEO was a natural tactic that could be used to accomplish this goal but it was something they had not looked at with any level of seriousness in the past. Ewing Components started looking for best resource to accomplish search engine optimization for their website.


Ewing Components was very clear about their primary goals; to achieve top 10 rankings on Google for their primary keywords.  All other rankings increases would be considered a bonus. Ewing Components lacked keyword rich content on the site and they were not clear which all key words would generate the maximum traffic and leads for their website. Also there were limited number of pages which required to be maximized in order to capitalize the SEO process.


We created and implemented a themed optimization strategy for the homepage, product category and sub-category pages, and even down to the product detail pages; then sustained this strategy by creating keyword-rich content starting with the homepage and main category level pages. All the above efforts were continually supported throughout the campaign by a variety of linking services.


The site is improved since the beginning of the optimization campaign with SEO.  So far, Ewing Components have a great visibility for many of their internal pages on the website and have achieved a great deal of rankings on the first page of primary search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) for some of their more primary keywords such as: Renata Distributors, Tabbed 3V Lithium coin cell, Expocell Batteries, ECS Crystals, Klemsan Electric, etc.

Ewing Components has been very pleased with the results, and has continued this valued relationship. They have seen a boost in traffic, qualified leads, and overall sales. They are continuing with optimization and linking for the next year and even looking to expand their distribution in a continued effort with SEO Inc. to build their business globally.


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