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Fastron Group

Customer: FASTRON (


With its base in Germany, FASTRON has expanded into a multinational group, with approximately 2,000 employees.With additional manufacturing and marketing facilities to be found in USA, Malaysia and Hungary, the company has positioned itself well to serve customers around the world.


  • To develop a user friendly website with easy navigation to derive information on various product ranges to serve a wide range of customer demands.
  • To provide information about their company and their products.
  • To interactive allowing them to get feedback from their customers through their site.
  • To be able to determine which parts of their site their visitors are spending the most time on so that they could use this to determine what they are most interested in and adjust their business plans accordingly.

The Solution:

  • Development of a state-of-the-art back-end system featuring front end, internal portal for salespeople and suppliers, and new CMS for entire website.
  • Business requirements analysis and user needs elicitation
  • Design and document front-end projects of various scope
  • Creation and maintenance of the presentation layer of client’s site
  • Creation of the client’s automated newsletters
  • Integration with the client’s web statistics and analysis tool
  • QA and test automation


  • Strengthened Brand Visibility
  • Attracting visitors from all over the web

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