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Continental D.I.A.

Customer: Continental D.I.A.(


Our client is one of the major manufacturers of diamond tools in the US and has launched an online shopping site for its products in early 2009. Despite having this online website, they were not able to use the reach of the Web to convert into business in a good way. They were looking for some new ways and means to market their products and reach out to the most relevant segments of the customers. So they approached us for assisting them with.


  • The client’s website was built on configurable CMS-based shopping cart software (.NetFront), which itself is a  major challenge
  • The complete absence of meaningful and optimized Meta Tags
  • There was very less content on the pages, as it was mainly a shopping website
  • Usability and Navigation of the site had also nothing for the visitors – In majority of the cases, it took more 5 to 6 clicks to reach a particular page
  • There were on inward links
  • The social networking and presence, content and article marketing and user participation were almost negligible


  • Increased relevant traffic to the website and the visitors were converted into prospective customers.
  • Increased the rank of tier 1 keywords and thus increasing the visibility of the online shop.


A major Diamond Cutting Tools manufacturer successfully turns to web-marketing for selling products through his online shopping site…

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